1 Learn about the 10 most common house spiders. Stay informed and keep your home spider-free!

2 Black Widow Spiders are known for their dangerous bite. Be cautious in dark, secluded areas.

3 Brown Recluse Spiders have a violin-shaped mark on their back. Seek medical attention if bitten.

4 Cellar Spiders are helpful in controlling other pests. Their long legs and small body make them distinct.

5 Common House Spiders are harmless but can be a nuisance. Keep clutter to a minimum to prevent infestations.

6 Giant House Spiders have a leg span of up to 5 inches. They can move quickly when threatened.

7 Hobo Spiders are aggressive when provoked. Seek professional pest control if you have an infestation.

8 Jumping Spiders have excellent vision and can leap long distances. They are harmless to humans.

9 Wolf Spiders are hunters and do not build webs. Their bites are not usually dangerous but can be painful.