1: 1. Forget the pasta sauce - Italians take their pasta seriously! 2. Mispronounce Italian words - Ciao is not "chow" 3. Wear inappropriate attire to churches - Cover your shoulders!

2: 4. Order a cappuccino after 11 am - It's a morning drink 5. Talk loudly in public places - Italians appreciate quiet conversations 6. Ignore the bread basket - Bread is for dipping in sauce!

3: 7. Assume all Italians know each other - Italy is a big country 8. Skip the gelato - A must-have dessert in Italy 9. Brandish a knife and fork like a weapon - Embrace the Italian dining style

4: 10. Ask for extra cheese on seafood pasta - Italians don't mix cheese and seafood 11. Dress inappropriately for the occasion - Italians value style and presentation 12. Tip excessively - It's not customary in Italy

5: 13. Speak only English - Learn a few basic Italian phrases 14. Clap when the plane lands - Italians find this annoying 15. Take selfies with landmarks instead of appreciating them

6: 16. Assume all Italians are in the mafia - It's a stereotype 17. Bargain excessively at shops - It's considered rude in Italy 18. Talk about politics and religion with strangers

7: 19. Be impatient - Italian service may be slower 20. Talk about how much better things are in America - Appreciate Italy for what it is 21. Order a Caesar salad in Italy - It's not Italian cuisine

8: 22. Use too much garlic in your dishes - Italians prefer subtle flavors 23. Rely on Google Translate for conversations - Learn basic Italian phrases 24. Dress inappropriately for the weather

9: 25. Ask for parmesan cheese on seafood pasta - Italians frown upon cheese with seafood 26. Assume all Italians are Catholic - Italy has a diverse religious population 27. Complain about portion sizes - Enjoy the Italian dining experience