1: "Establish a Pack Leader" Show dominance and set boundaries to prevent fights among dogs.

2: "Socialize Early" Expose your dog to different situations and other dogs for better social skills.

3: "Manage Triggers" Identify triggers that may cause fights and avoid them when possible.

4: "Separate Feeding Areas" Prevent food aggression by feeding dogs in separate areas.

5: "Use Positive Reinforcement" Reward good behavior to encourage peaceful interactions.

6: "Provide Enough Exercise" Keep dogs active and happy to reduce pent-up energy that can lead to fights.

7: "Practice Obedience Training" Teach commands for better control and communication.

8: "Stay Calm and Assertive" Maintain a calm demeanor to diffuse tense situations.

9: "Consult a Professional" Seek help from a trainer or behaviorist for any persistent issues.