1: 1. Shine silverware with banana peels 2. Use peels as fertilizer for plants

2: 3. Banana peels can polish leather shoes 4. Make a natural fruit fly trap

3: 5. Rub peels on your skin for a natural moisturizer 6. Whiten teeth with banana peel

4: 7. Soothe bug bites and rashes 8. Make a banana peel face mask

5: 9. A natural ingredient in homemade lip balm 10. Compost banana peels for eco-friendly gardening

6: 11. Minimize the appearance of acne scars 12. DIY banana peel shoe polish

7: 13. Smooth wood furniture with peels 14. Repel aphids in your garden with banana peels

8: 15. Use banana peels to clean house plants 16. Reduce the appearance of dark spots on skin

9: 17. Nourish houseplants with banana peels 18. Make a refreshing banana peel tea.