1: Discover the beauty of perennial flowers in your garden. From vibrant peonies to delicate daisies, explore the top 20 varieties to plant.

2: Lavender - Known for its calming aroma and stunning purple blooms, lavender adds a touch of elegance to any garden space.

3: Roses - Symbolizing love and beauty, roses come in a variety of colors and scents, making them a timeless addition to your garden.

4: Daffodils - Bright and cheerful, daffodils signal the arrival of spring with their sunny yellow petals and trumpet-shaped blooms.

5: Tulips - With their wide range of colors and shapes, tulips are a classic choice for gardeners looking to add a pop of color.

6: Lilies - Highly fragrant and graceful, lilies are a favorite among gardeners for their elegant appearance and vibrant hues.

7: Hydrangeas - Known for their large, showy blooms and ability to change color based on soil pH, hydrangeas are a stunning addition to any garden.

8: Peonies - Renowned for their lush, full blooms and intoxicating fragrance, peonies are a perennial favorite among gardeners.

9: Coneflowers - With their striking daisy-like appearance and vibrant hues, coneflowers are a beautiful and low-maintenance addition to any garden space.