1: Indulge in savory cabbage rolls layered with beef, rice, and tomato sauce.

2: Discover a vegetarian option with hearty cabbage, lentils, and rich marinara.

3: Try a creamy cabbage roll casserole loaded with ground turkey and cheese.

4: Swap traditional cabbage rolls for a flavorful Asian-inspired cabbage casserole.

5: Enjoy a spicy twist with a loaded cabbage casserole infused with Cajun spices.

6: Whip up a low-carb version using cauliflower rice in your cabbage casserole.

7: Combine bacon, cheddar, and cabbage for a decadent loaded casserole.

8: Impress your guests with a smoked sausage and cabbage casserole bake.

9: Upgrade your cabbage casserole with a zesty lemon and herb seasoning.