1: Try a Greek-inspired tuna salad with feta and olives for a flavorful twist on a classic sandwich.

2: Upgrade your tuna salad with avocado and sprouts for a fresh and creamy breakfast option.

3: Spice things up with a sriracha mayo tuna salad sandwich for a kick of heat in the morning.

4: Go Mediterranean with a tuna salad pita pocket filled with cucumbers, tomatoes, and hummus.

5: Add a crunch to your morning routine with a tuna salad sandwich on toasted whole grain bread.

6: Opt for a low-carb option by using lettuce wraps instead of bread for your tuna salad sandwich.

7: Enjoy a breakfast classic with a tuna salad bagel topped with red onion and capers.

8: Get a protein boost with a tuna salad lettuce cup topped with hard-boiled eggs for an extra edge.

9: Delight your taste buds with a zesty tuna salad wrap featuring fresh herbs and lemon juice.