1: Elevate your breakfast game with these 5 secrets for the ultimate tuna salad sandwich.

2: Start by choosing high-quality tuna packed in water for a lean, protein-rich base.

3: Mix in Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise for a creamy, low-fat dressing.

4: Add crunch with diced celery and red onion for extra flavor and fiber.

5: Incorporate Dijon mustard and fresh herbs like dill for a zesty kick.

6: Layer the tuna salad on whole grain bread or a wrap for sustained energy.

7: Pair with sliced tomatoes and avocado for added nutrients and satisfaction.

8: Customize with your favorite toppings like sprouts or pickles for a personal touch.

9: Enjoy a nutrient-dense, satisfying breakfast on the go with this simple, delicious recipe.