1: Discover the top 7 cleanest animals with impeccable hygiene habits, from cats to dolphins.

2: Cats are known for grooming themselves meticulously, keeping their fur spotless and odor-free.

3: Dolphins have a unique way of staying clean by rubbing against rocks to remove dirt and parasites.

4: Elephants throw dust over themselves to protect their skin and keep themselves clean.

5: Frogs may seem slimy, but they have a special skin that secretes antimicrobial substances.

6: Ants are incredibly clean creatures, constantly grooming each other to maintain hygiene in their colonies.

7: Koalas have a distinctive scent from eucalyptus oil that helps keep them clean and free of parasites.

8: Bees are hygienic insects that clean their hives regularly to prevent disease outbreaks.

9: Penguins groom each other with their beaks to remove dirt and oil, ensuring a pristine appearance.