1: Choosing a ripe watermelon can be tricky. Look for a yellow spot on the bottom - this indicates it's ripe and ready to eat.

2: Tap the watermelon - a hollow sound means it's ripe. Avoid ones with soft spots or bruising.

3: Pick a watermelon that feels heavy for its size. This means it's juicy and full of water.

4: The shape of the watermelon matters too. Look for a uniform shape with no irregularities.

5: Opt for a watermelon with a dull, matte finish. Shiny skin can indicate an underripe fruit.

6: Size matters - pick a watermelon that's neither too big nor too small for your needs.

7: Consider where the watermelon was grown. Local watermelons are likely fresher and tastier.

8: Check for sugar spots - these indicate a sweet watermelon. Avoid ones with white streaks.

9: Ultimately, trust your instincts and choose a watermelon that feels and looks good to you. Enjoy!