1: Real Weapons in WWE Raw and Smackdown Discover the real weapons used in WWE matches to add intensity to the action-packed battles.

2: Fake Weapons in WWE Raw and Smackdown Uncover the fake weapons commonly seen in WWE matches, used to entertain and thrill fans worldwide.

3: Steel Chairs Learn about the iconic steel chair, a real weapon that has been used in countless WWE matches over the years.

4: Tables Explore how tables are strategically incorporated into WWE matches to create dramatic moments and elevate the excitement.

5: Ladders Witness the high-flying action that ladders bring to WWE matches, as Superstars use them as both props and weapons.

6: Sledgehammers Delve into the history of the sledgehammer in WWE, a real weapon known for its destructive power and dramatic effect.

7: Kendo Sticks Experience the brutal strikes of the kendo stick, a fake weapon that leaves a lasting impression on WWE fans.

8: Trash Cans Discover how trash cans are used in WWE matches, as Superstars unleash chaos with these unconventional weapons.

9: Barbed-Wire Baseball Bats Explore the dangerous world of barbed-wire baseball bats in WWE, where Superstars risk it all for victory in hardcore matches.