1: "Fuel your body with lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables while taking weight loss medications."

2: "Stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking water or herbal teas to support weight loss efforts."

3: "Avoid sugary drinks and high-fat foods that can sabotage your weight loss progress."

4: "Incorporate whole grains and fiber-rich foods to keep you feeling full and satisfied."

5: "Opt for lean cuts of meat and plant-based proteins to support muscle mass and metabolism."

6: "Snack on nuts, seeds, and Greek yogurt for a balanced boost of protein and nutrients."

7: "Experiment with colorful salads, stir-fries, and smoothies for healthy meal options."

8: "Limit processed foods and focus on whole, nutrient-dense options for optimal weight loss results."

9: "Monitor your food intake and make mindful choices to support your weight loss journey."